Collection: NEO Collection 2024

Welcome to the NEO Collection, where our family’s legacy of beadwork and sewing lives on. In Cree, NEO translates to the number four. I choose the name NEO representing the four generations of artisanship that have shaped this collection. Though my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother have passed away, their spirit and skills continue through my work.

The designs are inspired by the geometric patterns of my mother's beadwork, a cherished piece she made for me when I was a young girl. These patterns are more than just designs; they are symbols of our culture, our history, and the love and care passed down through generations.

At NEO Collection, we create wearable designs that bridges the past and the present, honoring our family’s enduring legacy. Explore our collection and join us in celebrating the timeless tradition of Cree beadwork and sewing.